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It takes a strong, exceptional team to help make sure people get the justice they deserve. Rob Levine & Associates, a local law firm specializing in Personal Injury, Social Security Disability and VA Disability, is growing and we want you to be a part of our success! We pride ourselves on our reputation for being dependable and trustworthy for both our clients and our employees – who we consider family.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Reviews:

This is my 3rd job, and I have never felt more welcomed at a place than I am here. This company is absolute amazing.
To me personally, it really is a great place to work but also to form relationships with people that grow much more than just co-worker and / or manager. I recently had a rough day and the outpouring of support from members of my dept but that have also become wonderful close friends and also a person who will very soon no longer be my manager due to dpt change was still there for me unconditionally, checking in on me even after the weekend had passed making sure I was ok. It means more to me that anyone could imagine working AS a second family!! I couldn't be anymore happy where I am and with whom I get the pleasure of working with!!!
Grass is not greener on the other side, people leave and want to come back. Why? because we're unique and like a family, we love, yell, annoy , support and are there for each other. Our grass is green and growing- and like all lawns, few patches here and there =).
Talk about mission-driven organization. I feel 100% supported by my manager and team members. That not only gives you the feeling of having meaning in your place of employment but it starts off my days in the right way, so when I leave, I'm happy, motivated and feeling successful. Working in an environment like this is not only a pay check every week .. It gives me motivation when I leave work , to do better and be better. Being able to wake up in the morning and be excited to work , AND get paid for it is awesome feeling. I'm proud to say that I work here, and that's a first .. in any place that I've worked. I love the high-goals set for us, and when we reach them (in all depts) we all reward each other, it's incredible. I appreciate the openness and innovations. There such a mixture of people that work here, and we all click. The staff here embraces all of the core values, our office not only has a great mission statement but its a fun place to work, you can be challenged and know that there is help if you need it. Thank you Rob.