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Get The Stamford Disability Lawyer Who Makes Things Happen

stamford disability lawyerAfter paying into the Social Security system for most, if not all, of a career, most people would think that getting their benefits honored would be relatively simple. This is not the case, however. In fact, the reality is that the SSA rejects more claims on an annual basis than it approves.

Have you had a your Social Security benefits been denied? Call our Stamford disability lawyer, Rob Levine. Our firm has long defended the disability rights of injured parties who have paid into the system.

The Truth About Disability Law

The Social Security Administration is an enormous, bureaucratic agency that can function in frustrating ways for its client – you, the taxpayer. When a claim is filed, the SSA knows that the longer they stall, the less likely they’ll have to pay the claim or pay as much on the claim as it should. In this sense, it functions in some of the same ways that insurance companies do.

Our Stamford disability lawyers are adept at working the SSA system, and we successfully get our clients the money they deserve on their claims as a process of law. You need your claim approved, and we fight to achieve this for you. Working with a disability lawyer is the surest way to navigate the morass of government red tape and stonewalling to get you compensation for your disability.


Our Stamford Disability Lawyer Handles It All

Getting your Social Security disability claim approved can be a nightmare, but we take the burden from you. We gather all of the necessary and updated medical files and submit questionnaires to your doctors to establish your identity under Social Security rules and criteria. We then prepare all legal arguments for the judge to review before any necessary hearing.

We provide all of the background and preparation, and if you do need to have a hearing, we’ll by your side to represent you to the administrative law judge. Get the attorney who takes care of you.


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