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Hurt In An Auto Accident? Get An Attorney.

Automobiles offer us one of the quickest and most convenient ways to travel around our beautiful New England states. Unfortunately, with accidents occurring each day, this form of travel is often the most dangerous. In fact, it has been reported that a car accident happens on an average of every ten seconds. 

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, injuring 3.9 million people in 2010 alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In fact, a total of 5,584,000 non-fatal crashes took place on roads throughout the country in 2012. We can help clients that are injured in any type of motor vehicle accident.

Of course, the best way to avoid a car accident is by taking preventative measures to ensure safety during travel. However, in the event that you are involved in an auto accident near the Providence, Boston, Fall River, or Hartford areas, it’s important you understand what you need to do to recover compensation for your injuries. Our car accident attorneys can help you with this. You may be entitled to recover for your: lost wages, pain, and suffering, out of pocket costs and property damage to your vehicle and personal belongings, as well as scarring and any permanent conditions.



How An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Helps

If you have been injured in a car accident, the most important step to take is to seek medical help immediately. Some injuries may not manifest until days after the crash, such as whiplash and other muscle strains and sprains, and a medical professional can identify any serious problems.Our attorneys advise that you consult with a medical professional after any car accident. It’s simply in the best interest of your health, as well as your claim. Not speaking with a doctor after the accident occurs may lead to your insurance provider denying you adequate compensation.

Considering What May Have Caused the Wreck

  • In some cases, determining the cause of a crash may be a fairly simple process. For example, if you were struck by an intoxicated driver, you can label that person as the party liable for your injuries.
  • Other times, though, the cause of an accident may not be so obvious, or there may have been more than one contributing factor – in which case you may require assistance from an experienced car accident lawyer.
  • The crash may even have been the result of a faulty product within the car, one or more distracted or negligent drivers on the road, poor weather conditions, or other obstacles present on the road. If you are unsure of what led to the accident, an attorney in your area can examine the specifics of your case and help you uncover the cause.

Determining What Damages You Suffered

Providence Car Accident Lawyer Rob LevineClearly, if you have suffered injuries in the crash, then you will want to seek compensation to cover the costs of current medical and future medical bills. Beyond that though, there may be a variety of other damages you suffered for which you can recover compensation. Keep in mind that two out of three injuries that stem from auto accidents end up being PERMANENT.

The following is a list of damages that often arise from car accidents:

  •  Lost wages from time off work during recovery.
  • Lost earning capacity because of disabilities related to your injuries.
  • Scarring that may result from injuries sustained in the crash.
  • Pain and suffering you experienced during and after the crash.
  • Additional costs for any long-term disabilities that resulted from the crash.

These are only some of the damages that you may have incurred because of a car crash, although it ultimately depends on your individual case.

Speak with a Lawyer About Your Car Accident

Some auto accidents may result in only minor injuries with short recovery times; others, though, could lead to a more devastating outcome. If you suffered serious injuries and a large amount of financial expenses and losses, contact our car accident lawyers now.

An experienced car accident lawyer from Rob Levine & Associates will work to help strengthen your claim so that you will be awarded due payment.  Rob Levine and Associates services the Providence, Boston, Fall River, Hartford areas and its surrounding communities.  Call us today, and let us begin working on your case immediately.


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