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When you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Providence, you need a Providence motorcycle accident lawyer – someone who handles motorcycle accidents and can help you now. Motorcycle accidents can cause serious problems. Even a minor accident can leave you with injuries, property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Call us today! Our motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help you now. We will guide you through the process and get you everything you deserve quickly, and in most cases, without going to court.


When A Motorcycle Accident Happens

  1. Dial 911 and report the accident. Never just exchange information and leave the scene, ALWAYS call the police no matter how minor the accident is.
  2. If you are injured, do not get up, stay on the ground and wait for the ambulance to arrive.
  3. Never move your motorcycle until the police arrive on scene. If there is a witness on scene, ask them to stay and talk to the police for you, but always get their name and number in case they disappear in the shuffle.
  4. Always insist the police officer talks to the witness and writes their name on the report. Often the police do not unless you insist.
  5. Then call us so we can take care of everything for you at (888) 533-7507.


Get The Process Started With An Attorney

motorcycle accidentAfter you have received medical attention for your injuries, call our office so we can get started on your motorcycle accident case immediately. You can come to one of our offices, or we will come to you. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work, or in the hospital. We will track down and take statements from the witness and our certified traffic accident investigator with 20 years experience will go out to the scene and take pictures, measurements, and document everything so we can prove the other driver was at fault. Do not delay. It is critical that we get started immediately.
If you need help now, call now, and we will see you today. DIAL (888) 533-7507.


 Who Is Going To Fix My Motorcycle?

The first thing you need to know is that if we handle your motorcycle injury case, our office will handle your property damage claim for you at no additional charge. You can focus on taking care of yourself and we will handle the insurance company and all the hassles that go along with it – so you can relax!

In a motorcycle accident, you have two claims:

  • Property damage claim
  • Bodily injury claim

We know that you need transportation immediately, which is why we begin working on your claim the minute we meet with you.


There are two forms of insurance coverage that you can use to repair your motorcycle.

1. The first is the defendant’s liability policy.

  • When the defendant is at fault for the accident, his insurance company must pay for your towing charges, storage charges, repair of your vehicle, and rental reimbursement while your vehicle is being repaired.

2. The second option is to use your collision policy.

  • A collision policy will pay to fix your motorcycle whether you or someone else is at fault for the accident. There are pros and cons to using your collision policy, and your Providence motorcycle accident lawyer will review all of that with you. Let’s talk now.



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