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Warwick Personal Injury Lawyer Rob Levine

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the last thing you or your family wants to do is drive hundreds of miles to see an attorney. Attorney Rob Levine doesn’t want his clients to inconvenience themselves going to and from legal meetings. You can meet with Rob Levine in the Norwood/Lincoln Park Neighborhood of Warwick, just off I-95. Our Warwick office is located on Jefferson Blvd, between Chestnut and Elm St, just off the Pawtuxet River.

Give our Warwick office a call to set up a free consultation with a Warwick personal injury lawyer to get your questions about injury claims answered. If you can’t come to our offices, don’t worry – we can come to you when and where it’s convenient. Our clients’ comfort is our top priority – Rob’s team will make sure you are well taken care of at every stage of the case!


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Due to the huge impact that a personal injury can have on every aspect of a person’s life, it is important that you find the right Warwick personal injury attorney. The legal services of a knowledgeable lawyer is truly irreplaceable when it comes to dealing with personal injury matters. Without a lawyer, the victim is left vulnerable to pressure from the insurance company and is very likely to settle for much less than they are legally entitled to. Don’t let this happen to you – protect your rights and get in touch with a Warwick personal injury lawyer from the law office of Rob Levine & Associates. Take a load off your shoulders by letting our attorney stand up for you.


An Attorney Can Handle It

The truth is, most insurance companies have no interest in giving money out, even if they know that it is the moral and legal thing to do. They will usually put up a fight by using tactics such as twisting your words, low-balling your compensation, or even downright lying. You’re under enough stress – let your attorney take care of them.

The personal injury attorneys at our firm refuse to be intimidated, swindled or taken advantage of. We are a no-nonsense group that won’t back down until your full compensation is offered. It’s only fair that they correct the harm that their insured has put upon you by covering your expenses. After all, that is the whole point of having insurance! They can’t back out now that it’s time to fulfill their obligations. We won’t let them.

Remember, your consultation with a Warwick personal injury lawyer from our office is always going to be free – no matter how many times you feel the need to call or how many questions you may have. In addition, you will never be charged for our services until your case is finally settled. We are here for you. Chat online or call our office. The choice is yours – make it Rob Levine & Associates.



Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer