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In a big city like Boston, everyone is on the go. Work, school, church, soccer practice, and a list of a million other things to do often keeps our minds occupied. There is so much to do with so little time, and an automobile is usually the most efficient way of getting around. Sometimes, even a car isn’t fast enough.

In the struggle to manage, drivers sometimes take risks that they know they shouldn’t. They speed. They forget to use signals. They run red lights. They get distracted. They text, “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” – All habits that can cause an auto accident, and as a result, cause you to be seriously hurt.




If you are ever in an accident, take these steps immediately:

• Never leave the scene of an accident.
• Exchange name, address, phone number, and insurance information with the other party involved.
• If possible, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle.
• Get the contact information of any witnesses.
• Make a police report before leaving the scene of the accident.
• Seek medical attention immediately.
• Call an accident attorney.

If you are dealing with injuries from an accident, and it seems like the problems are piling up, rely on Attorney Rob Levine & Associates to be part of the solution. Call the office and find out how a Boston car accident lawyer can help you.


The laws that surround car accidents tend to be complicated, and are best dealt with by a car accident attorney. While we get started on your case, here are a few other things you might care to know about your wreck:

The insurance company may be required to compensate you for up to 75% of your lost wages if the injuries that you sustained in a car accident left you unable to work.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance usually covers about $2,000.00 worth of medical bills – but the severe injuries that car accidents cause usually go beyond that.
In head-on collisions, the chest is at the most risk of injury, at 53%. A chest injury is, needless to say, very serious and could impact your quality of life. This is why selecting the right car accident lawyer is important. With the injuries you or a loved one may be suffering from, being able to get compensation so that you can continue to live your life is essential. Your Boston car accident lawyer can attend to the unique circumstances of your accident.


The great city of Boston is the largest of all cities in the state of Massachusetts, with a population of well over 645,000. At the heart of several numbered routes, it is safe to assume that the risk of having a car accident here is great.

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, there were nearly 2.5 million occupants in auto accidents in the U.S. in 2013 that did not result in death.

Although each of these cases was of a non-fatal nature, they still resulted in the need for medical attention. As we all know, almost any time you see a doctor, there is going to be a bill. When the impact of a car accident has caused serious damage to your body, these bills can keep piling up. You shouldn’t be held responsible for this debt, and the attorney can make sure you aren’t. Find justice with a Boston car accident lawyer or start chatting on the website right now.

FAQs About Your

Injury or accident case

What should I do after a car accident?
Your health should be your priority. See a healthcare professional and follow their orders. During the case, do not discuss the accident with the at-fault party’s insurance company, as this could unintentionally help build their case against you. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will help you navigate the process.
  • Dial 911 and report the accident. Let them know if there are any injuries and always request a rescue if you are injured.
  • Never move your vehicle prior to the police arriving.
  • If you are able to exit your vehicle, take pictures of the accident scene from a distance so that you can see all of the vehicles involved and all of the vehicles in one picture. Then take close-up pictures of each vehicle involved. Make sure to include the damage, license plate of the vehicle, and a picture of the driver.
  • If there is a witness to the accident, ask them to wait for the police to arrive so they can give a statement. If they cannot wait, ask if you can take a picture of their identification and then include a picture of them holding their identification that you can read.
  • Once the police arrive, make a statement as to how the accident occurred. Ensure that the police talk to the witness and takes their statement as well. If the witness left prior to the police arrival, show the police officer a picture of the witness and their identification, making sure that, on the police report, they are noted as a witness that had to leave before his arrival.
  • If you are injured, never refuse medical treatment by rescue personnel.  Be transported by rescue to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment.
If the police are unable to respond and you or the other driver need to leave, you have two options:
    1. You and the other driver can agree to follow each other and meet at the police department to make a report.
    2. If you are not going to meet at the police department to make a report, you should exchange the following information to include a copy of their license, motor vehicle registration, insurance card, a picture of their license plate, and a picture of the other driver. Remember, you should have documented photos of the scene of the accident and damages to vehicles as well.
I’m not sure if I have a case.
Many personal injury cases are complex, so consider hiring a personal injury attorney like Rob Levine & Associates.  We will do our best to investigate, obtain the facts, and help you understand your options.  At Rob Levine & Associates, we do not charge for consultations.
What happens if I do not feel pain at the scene of the accident?
You must see a healthcare professional right after your accident, whether or not you feel pain. Your body’s natural adrenaline will likely kick in, meaning your body is in initial shock. Once that wears off, you will be able to feel the effects of your injuries.
What damages can I be compensated for?
If you are a victim of a bus accident, you are entitled to recover the same damages as any other personal injury case, to include: lost wages, medical bills, pain & suffering, property damage, out of pocket expenses, scarring, compensation for any permanent injury, and compensation for any future medical costs.
What happens if I get into a boat accident?
  • Ensure everyone on board has a life jacket on. Make sure you know where your safety box is to include a flare gun, first aid kit, and a whistle.
  • Call for help and report the accident. Depending on the location of your vessel at the time of the accident, you may need to call the Harbor Master, the Department of Environmental Management, or the Coast Guard.
  • When calling, ensure you have your GPS position to include latitude and longitude, let them know if you have an EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon) on board, the number of passengers (including yourself) your vessel is carrying, and if anyone is injured.  Tell them if the vessel is taking on water and whether or not you have a life raft available to safely get off the vessel.
  • Never move your boat prior to the rescue party arriving.
  • If you are injured, let the Coast Guard know and they will send medical assistance immediately.
  • If no one is injured, and this a minor accident, leaving both vessels operable, the rescuing party may not be able to respond for several hours depending on how busy they are.
  • Once you have determined that everyone is out of immediate danger, make sure to gather the appropriate information including names, addresses, phone numbers, and pictures of the boat operators, passengers from all vessels involved in the crash, and any eyewitnesses to the event. Also, obtain a picture of the vessel registration and the vessel identification number from the other vessels involved as well as insurance company names and insurance policy numbers. Taking pictures of the damage to all vessels involved in the crash can be helpful if you later need to prove that the other boat operator was responsible for the accident.
  • If you are injured, never refuse medical treatment by rescue personnel.  Be transported by rescue to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment.
  • Once you have received any necessary medical attention and have gathered all the information above, call Rob Levine & Associates. Remember, the sooner we begin our investigation, gathering evidence and all the facts, the easier to prove the defendant is liable for the accident.
What are the most common factors of truck accidents?
A collision between a commercial vehicle and a car could likely be caused by malfunctioning equipment on the truck, driver negligence, or negligence on behalf of the trucking company. There are also larger blind spots on commercial vehicles, which means they are unable to respond to certain hazards with the same reaction time as a car. Other factors could include:
  • Excessive driving hours causing the truck driver to be driving to the point of exhaustion.
  • Unrealistic schedules resulting in the driver taking unnecessary risks and driving at unnecessary speeds.

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