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Waterbury Car Accident Lawyer

Waterbury Car Accident Lawyer Rob Levine


Get A Waterbury Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents range from minor to life-changing catastrophes. They happen every day in Waterbury and are due to various causes. Have you been injured in a car accident? You need an experienced and professional Waterbury car accident lawyer fighting for your rights.

At Rob Levine & Associates, we represent hard working folks like you every day in Waterbury, Connecticut. When you’ve been injured, we can help navigate the often-complex process of negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance company for a compensation settlement. After an auto accident, many people try to negotiate on their own, and statistics show that they almost invariably:

  • Settle for less than they are entitled to
  • Or get no settlement at all

As a result of your car accident, are dealing with any injuries, medical bills, or time off work? Call a lawyer to discuss your wreck now.



An Attorney Helps After an Auto Accident

auto accident attorneyAfter a car accident, you will almost always be facing other party’s insurance company. They are not on your side. Their sole intention is to minimize or eliminate any money they have to pay you. We fight them at their own game, and we regularly win high settlement amounts for our clients.

After you have taken care of your immediate medical needs, contact our Waterbury car accident lawyers immediately. We are ready to go to work for you.

If you have been injured, call Rob Levine & Associates right now for a free and comprehensive phone evaluation of your case.



Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer