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How to Get Your Social Security Disability Claim Started With An Attorney

There will be many questions that your attorney will ask in order to determine which Social Security benefits you may be entitled to. Usually, your income will be looked at. Proof of your impairment may be requested. Your age may also affect your Social Security benefits. Another major factor is going to be how your impairment affects your ability to work. Your Worcester Social Security disability lawyer will take on the bulk of work when it comes to building your claim and gathering information that supports it.

Keep in mind that if you are applying for SSI, you must apply either in person or on the phone. For SSDI, this can be accomplished online. A disability attorney like Rob Levine makes this easy by making sure you are fully-prepared to apply. He is so well-versed in this field that there is a separate phone line just for the use of those that need assistance with their Social Security disability claims.


Find Help With a Worcester Disability Lawyer

Whether you need assistance with SSDI or SSI or even if you just have questions, Rob Levine & Associates are ready to hear from you 24 hours a day. He will help you apply, or appeal if you’ve already been denied. Let our Worcester Social Security disability lawyer help you get the benefits that you deserve.


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