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Stamford Veterans Disability Lawyer

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Stamford Veterans Disability Lawyer

As a military veteran, you worked hard to earn your benefits. Specifically, any person who served and the military and received an honorable discharge might be eligible for benefits under the Veterans Administration (VA). Sometimes, getting credit for a VA claim can be a challenge, however, and this is where it pays to get the advice and representation of a Stamford veterans disability lawyer.

Attorney Rob Levine served in the Rhode Island Army National Guard and has long been committed to serving the needs of America’s veterans. His team of Stamford veterans disability lawyers help vets navigate the sometimes confusing and frustrating claims benefits process and gets them the benefits they deserve.



Have You Been Denied A VA Claim? We Can Help

The VA is a great resource for military veterans. In addition to medical benefits, the administration helps with education, job training and assistance, and financial resources. Because of its bureaucratic nature, however, getting disability claims through the system can sometimes prove frustrating.

This is when hiring a qualified veterans disability lawyer can prove very helpful. The first step with any VA claim is to submit the claim to your regional VA office. If it is denied, we can help you push it through the system in the following ways:

  • We’ll help you prepare and present your claim to the VA Board of Veterans’ Appeals. The appeal must be done in a proper and timely way to provide the best chance for approval.
  • The VA Board of Veterans’ Appeals is the last point of relief inside the VA itself.
  • If required, we can prepare your claim and case for presentation to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims.
  • In the rare case that further judicial action is required, we will take your case as far as is required – even to the US Supreme Court.


Call The Tough Stamford Veterans Disability Lawyer

If you have been denied a VA claim, we are here to help. Call Rob Levine, the Heavy Hitter®, for a free, comprehensive, and confidential review of your case.

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