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Hartford Car Accident Lawyer

Hartford Car Accident Lawyer Rob Levine

Get A Tough Hartford Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen every day in Hartford, but most people still never expect it to happen to them. A morning commute to work, a night on the town, or running kids to the soccer game can turn ugly in an instant. When a car wreck happens to you, it’s time to call a tough Hartford car accident lawyer.

Call Rob Levine & Associates if you’ve been injured in a car accident, especially if there may be liability on the part of another driver. As Hartford car accident lawyers, we represent clients every day in the claims process. We are highly successful in winning monetary damages that help our clients move on with their lives with the financial means to deal with the fallout of a car accident. You may be dealing with:

  • Physical injuries. Some of which you deal with for months, years or even a lifetime
  • Medical bills. Any trip to an emergency room or stay in the hospital can cost extraordinary amounts of money.
  • Lost wages. When you are hurt, you can’t work, and you may even lose your job.



Auto Accident? Call an Attorney.

In any car accident that was not your fault, you are going to be dealing with the other party’s insurance company. One thing is for certain: they will be out to minimize any money they have to pay out to you. This is why it is so important to contact a qualified Hartford car accident lawyer. Working with insurance companies to maximize your claim is what we do best, and we do it all the time.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible after your accident. First, we’ll go through a comprehensive and free intake evaluation to explore the best legal path for your case. Then, we go to work for you, taking care of the legal filings, working with the insurance company and handling any court proceedings that may be required. Typically, you’ll never have to set foot in a courtroom, but we will take it that far if we have to in order to secure that maximum in restitution for your case.

Dealing with any car accident is tough enough. You don’t need the insurance company stressing you out even more. Our mission is to ease the financial burden for you so that you can focus on getting healthy and getting on with your life. Our Hartford car accident lawyers can do just that.


Your Hartford Car Accident Lawyer Awaits

If you have been injured in a car accident, your best bet is to call Rob Levine & Associates. The evaluation is free, and you have nothing to lose. You may be surprised at the amount of money we can potentially secure in a settlement for you.

Find out what a Hartford car accident lawyers can do for you by calling day or night.


Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer