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As a service veteran, you worked long and hard – and perhaps even fought – for your country. You deserve your veterans disability benefits, and Rob Levine & Associates is here to make sure you get them.

Attorney Levine served in the Rhode Island National Guard, and has had a long-standing career focus on helping the service men and women who have fought to keep our country free.



Who Is Eligible For VA Benefits

All veterans of the military are eligible for VA benefits after an honorable discharge from service. The VA is a great resource for helping veterans with a variety of life issues, including medical benefits, job and career assistance, financial services, and other areas of post-service life. Unfortunately, as with many government agencies, getting full benefits from the VA can be an extremely complex process. All too often, veterans may spend years trying to get claims approved or amended or to gain access to additional compensation that they are due.

Rob Levine & Associates helps Springfield veterans like you get the benefits you deserve. The claims process is often complicated, but we follow it all the way through to get you the maximum financial benefit as allowed by the VA system. We take away the burden of dealing directly with the VA by doing it all for you.

The following are general areas that an attorney can help you with regarding your veterans disability claim.

• If your benefits were denied after your submission to your regional VA office, an attorney will appeal the case to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.
• If you are still turned away, we will prepare an appeal to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims – the first step in the US Judicial system.
• In the unlikely case you are still denied or dissatisfied with the outcome, we can prepare appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and even the US Supreme Court, in extreme cases.


The Springfield Veterans Disability Lawyer That Gets Results!

Even with your initial application, a Springfield disability lawyer can be helpful. The paperwork becomes complicated and your chances for success increase dramatically with an attorney taking the hassle over for you.

Rob Levine is the one to turn to for your veterans disability issues.

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