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Veterans Disability: Understanding Your Options

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides benefits for veterans and their families. This may include medical care, jobs, education, loans and other resources. The US Department of VA is categorized into three main divisions:

The National Cemetery Administration deals with the burials of deceased veterans and the upkeep of existing cemeteries that are dedicated to them.

The Veterans Benefits Administration, also known as the VBA, determines which benefits a veteran may be entitled to.

The Veterans Health Administration deals with medical and health benefits for veterans.

An applicant may be directed to any of these three subdivisions, depending on their needs. If you are unsure of how to proceed in making a VA claim, just contact a New Bedford veterans disability lawyer from the law office of Rob Levine & Associates. A lawyer can clarify your options, and help you move forward with your claim.



The New Bedford Veterans Disability Lawyer with Legal and Military Experience

Rob Levine, Army National Guard

Levine, Army National Guard

As a young man, Rob Levine served in the Army National Guard, which initially fueled his passion for assisting veterans. It is there that he gained a better understanding of what veterans endure in order to protect our country. Now, he is ready to fight for the rights of these veterans by assisting them with their VA claims and appeals. In fact, he’s been a New Bedford veterans disability lawyer for more than 15 years.

Are you a veteran that would like to apply for VA benefits? Have you had your VA benefits denied? Do you think you are entitled to a higher rating? If any of these are true, please call to speak with Attorney Levine or one of his trusted associate lawyers about the options available to you.

Rob Levine Veterans Disability Lawyer