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Why Your Disability Claim Calls for an Attorney

According to the Social Security Administration, 1 in 4 people will become disabled before the age of retirement. That being said, there is a real chance that you or a family member may have the need to apply for Social Security Disability at some point.

SSD provides a safety net to individuals and their dependents when they are no longer able to work due to illness or serious injury. It is paid for by funds earned by American workers through their taxes paid. It would only seem fair that when the time comes, and there is a need for coverage, that a person would automatically qualify.

Unfortunately, this is not at all the case. There is still a process requiring approval by the Social Security Administration in order to receive these benefits. The Social Security Administration will typically deny your claim on the first submission, and because many applicants are not familiar with this daunting process or what information to submit, they get discouraged after the first try and give up. Even if you go back and try a second time, it is very likely that your claim could be denied without the help of an attorney. This is a difficult challenge when you are trying to manage living expenses and you cannot work.

An attorney like Rob Levine can help.


How a Boston Disability Lawyer Helps You Claim Social Security Benefits

1. Builds a strong, well-developed case based off medical records.
2. Ensures that all paperwork is completed accurately and on time.
3. Presents preliminary data to a judge to potentially avoid time-consuming hearings.
4. Assists you in preparation for a hearing if deemed necessary by a judge.

You do not want to go through this process and face a judge alone! You don’t have to. Our Boston Social Security disability lawyer will stand by your side to fight for the right to benefits that you have worked so hard to earn.

There is no upfront cost to you. Contact the office to speak to an SSD attorney in Boston right now.


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