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All Personal Injury Lawyers Are Not Equal

It’s true that there is a long list of personal injury attorneys available to the Springfield area, but not all of them have the same compassion, drive, or experience as Springfield personal injury lawyer Rob Levine. They aren’t all equal and  going to yield the same results in your time of legal need.

Rob Levine is the lawyer you want when it comes to protecting your legal rights in a personal injury case.

What sets Rob Levine & Associates apart?

• More than a decade of experience in personal injury litigation
• The highest payout judgments and settlements possible
• Complete responsibility for your case (We are working for YOU!)
• Free consultations anytime, every time
• Available to chat day or night
• No fee until your case is won



Our Springfield Attorneys Handle Car Accidents and More!

Teenage Driver Suffering Whiplash Injury Traffic AccidentYou’ve got enough to worry about with medical expenses, time off work, and follow-up appointments. The last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to wrestle financial restitution from the insurance company – the one that most likely won’t return your calls anyway. Let’s be honest – they are in the business of keeping their money, not giving it out to you. Even when they are obligated to compensate you fairly, these companies use sneaky tricks to work around the law and withhold funds that are owed to you.



Truck Accident? Get an Springfield Attorney

Trucking Business ConceptSome of the most devastating cases that we deal with involve truck accidents – and the laws that surround the trucking industry are complex. Our attorneys have a flawless  professional approach to every case they handle, including those involving car and truck accidents, accidents with a bicycle, boat, bus, or motorcycle, workers compensation, malpractice, premises liability, and even fair debt collection.

Let a personal injury lawyer handle all of that for you. You need an attorney with expertise, knowledge, and most importantly the backbone to go out and fight on your behalf. Get Rob Levine & Associate.

Have you been injured in Springfield, MA? Do you think you have a personal injury case worth pursuing? There’s only one way to find out. Call now.



Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer