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Bridgeport Veterans Disability Lawyer

Bridgeport Veterans Disability Lawyer


As a respected veteran, you should be able to expect your benefits without question. However, it is not always easy to prove your need for these benefits to the Veterans Administration. That’s when your Bridgeport veterans disability lawyer from Rob Levine & Associates can step in and set you on the right path for receiving VA benefits.


Accurately Organizing Your VA Claim

One of the biggest tasks when building your claim is to prove that your injury was suffered as a direct result of your time in the military. Another aspect of your claim will be to establish the effective date of your benefits. The VA does this, but your attorney may have to help you have it corrected. With the right veterans disability lawyer on your side, like The Heavy Hitter® Rob Levine, receiving your benefits in Bridgeport will be no trouble at all.


Taking Your Veterans Disability Claim A Step Further

Beyond obtaining ordinary VA benefits, your lawyer might be able to help you with more complex aspects of a claim. For example, you might be entitled to “Special Monthly Compensation” or “TDIU” benefits, and we can check into that for you. After assessing the details of your situation, your Bridgeport veterans disability lawyer will inform you of the best options available to you and then help you proceed.


Contact Your Veterans Disability Lawyer in Bridgeport

Need help applying? Already been denied? Approved by still unsatisfied? Call us now to get reliable assistance from an attorney.

Rob Levine & Associates is here to assist any veteran that needs assistance with filing or appealing a VA claim. If you are interested in receiving a higher rating, an attorney from this firm would be happy to help you with that as well. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss the matter now.


Rob Levine Veterans Disability Lawyer