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Tips to Coping with Pain and Injuries After an Accident

You have been involved in an accident. This can lead to serious pain and suffering. Here at Rob Levine and Associates we are passionate in making sure you get the proper care and compensation to assist you on your track towards recovery. Below are a few tips on what to do to help heal your […]

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Recently Reported Recalls

  August 31, 2017-It is important to be aware of recalls for the products you own to limit the chance of injury to yourself and lower the risk of harm to others. If you stay informed about the products you are using you have a decreased probability of personal injury. Here are a few recently […]

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Maintaining your Vehicles

  10 Ways to Prolong your Vehicle’s Life Vehicles are an integral piece to many people’s lives. They help us get to work, run errands, and have social lives. With proper care, cars can last quite a long time. However, with improper care, it is much more likely your car will break down or be […]

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Back to School Safety Tips- What to Watch for on the Road

Summer is coming to a close and the school year is upon us. With this new season comes a lot more obstacles, traffic, stress and liability on the roads. It is very important to understand the precautions drivers need to take to ensure children are safe. Here are some back to school safety tips: Dropping […]

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Obeying Traffic Laws- Tips on Making the Road a Safer Place

Obeying traffic laws is a simple yet often overlooked action to prevent accidents. Even the slightest error such as not signaling before turning or following too closely can be lethal. By following the rules of the road you are ensuring that: Vehicles and Pedestrians around you are aware of what you are doing You are […]

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