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What to do after a dog bite

With the weather getting warmer and days getting longer, everyone is slowly stretching out of their winter blues and heading back outdoors, including our furry friends. With this, comes an increased risk of dog bites. It is important for dog owners to follow the necessary precautions to ensure that their dog does not injure other […]

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If I am an American citizen but live or move outside the U.S., can I qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are disability programs that offer financial benefits for those who qualify. SSDI is made available to those who have worked and accumulated enough time to qualify for social security. On the other hand, SSI is available low-income individuals who have not worked due to […]

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Drinking and Driving (DUI) Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Your risk of injury dramatically increases when you are under the influence of alcohol. Consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel of any type of vehicle is not only a serious crime but also a threat to the safety of you and those around you.   Drinking while driving is […]

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Recall Update: Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Audi.

Volkswagen is recalling select 2019 Jetta vehicles. There may be a chance that the driver frontal airbag is incorrect. Ford is recalling select 2019 Fusion Energi Hybrid models. Some of these vehicles do not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard because they may not protect against direct or indirect high voltages. Toyota is recalling […]

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2019 Patient Safety Awareness Week

In honor of patient safety awareness week, we encourage everyone to learn more about healthcare safety. We would like to devote these seven days to increase your awareness about patient safety in the eyes of all healthcare professionals and the public. What better way to do that than to provide you with our five tips […]

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