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Personal Injury Cases Explained

Rob Levine & Associates is a personal injury firm that practices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Have you been injured and want to know if you have a case? We have broken down the complexities of ‘personal injury’ to help you gage your next steps. What is Personal Injury law? Personal injury law helps […]

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Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

Winter is the season of snow, ice, and hazardous walkways. Stairs, sidewalks, and driveways are slippery and there is a higher risk of tripping and slipping. Accidents like these have the potential to lead to serious injuries. If you believe that the negligence of the property owner caused your slip and fall accident you should […]

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10 Tips on Safe Winter Driving

Though the forecast has remained relatively snow-less so far this season, New England is notorious for our winter storms. The snow, ice, and frost can all affect how you drive. Winter driving can be difficult and this weather puts drivers at a greater risk for an accident. 10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving Defrost before […]

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What you should know when hiring a Veterans Disability Lawyer

If you are a Veteran who has fought for our country then you deserve the extensive medical and disability benefits that Congress has put in place. Unfortunately, sometimes this process can be time-consuming and frustrating. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs does not always see eye to eye with Veterans Disability Claims. That is why you […]

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