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Hartford Veterans Disability Lawyer

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Hartford Veterans Disability Lawyer

Military veterans have earned the respect of all of us through their enduring commitment of service to our country. I’m Rob Levine, a Hartford veterans disability lawyer, and I have dedicated a portion of my career to helping veterans get full access to their VA benefits.

As a proud member of the Rhode Island Army National Guard, Rob Levine learned early about the value of service and sacrifice. Now, it is our firm’s honor to give back to the service men and women of our country in tangible ways that positively affect their lives after service.

Have you had a VA claim or VA appeal that was denied? Our attorneys can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of vets to successfully navigate the sometime-complicated nature of VA claims.



More About the VA

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs was founded in 1930 as a comprehensive resource for serving veterans of the military. The agency is an extremely valuable resource for veterans, providing such services as:

  • Medical benefits
  • Financial assistance
  • Education and training

While the VA’s mission provides a great service for veterans, accessing the system can be a challenge. Many times, valid claims are denied, and the process for appealing can be delicate. This is why it is particularly important to retain a strong Hartford veterans disability lawyer. At Rob Levine & Associates, we work VA cases all the time, and we know the correct procedures for getting your claim approved quickly, fairly and accurately.


Anatomy Of A Veterans Disability Claim

If you have a veterans disability claim, the first thing you’ll want to do is to file it with your regional VA office. If it is denied, you should call us for immediate help. The next steps in getting your claim approved are:

Filing an appeal with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals
If it is still denied, preparing and filing a case for the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims
Taking any further appeals within the United States Judicial System

Most denied claims can be resolved with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals – the last step inside of the Veterans Administration itself, but we will follow through with your case as far as is required.

We are committed to helping you win your veterans disability claim. We can even help if you think you deserve a higher rating! Let’s talk now.


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