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A New Haven Social Security Disability Lawyer On Your Side

All too often, the Social Security Administration denies valid health benefits claims or claim appeals. Sadly, the reason is typically that they know ordinary individuals are not armed with enough information to successfully appeal the claim. They know that by stalling you and putting up roadblocks, you will most likely give up on the claim. The truth is, the Social Security Administration rejects more claims than they approve.

A New Haven social security disability lawyer at Rob Levine & Associates will fight for the rights you have paid for and earned.


Have You Been Denied SSDI or SSI?

Don’t give up when you get denied. Our New Haven disability lawyers can put you on the road to getting it approved. We:

• Deal directly with the SSA
• Handle all of your paperwork and negotiations
• Stand with you every step of the way to get your claim approved

Whether your case involves an original claim or an appeal, we will fight to get you the benefits you deserve under the law. You’ve worked hard and paid into the system for your benefits. We’ll make sure that you get what is owed to you.

Contact Our New Haven Social Security disability lawyer today! We are available around the clock for a free phone consultation, and we’re ready to go to work for you.


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