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Providence Social Security Disability Lawyer

Providence Disability Lawyer Rob Levine

Help is available for all of your SSI/SSDI concerns. Talk to a Providence Disability Lawyer at our office today.

Social Security Lawyers Make All the Difference

One of the reasons the Social Security Administration denies most claims at the early levels is because they know many people get frustrated or discouraged by the process and then give up their claim. This is particularly true for people without a Social Security lawyer. However, when you hire Rob Levine & Associates to represent you, the Social Security Administration knows that we aren’t going to give up on your claim and go away. Social Security rejects more disability claims than they approve. You are more likely to be approved for SSI and SSDI benefits if we are representing you. Get in touch with a Providence disability lawyer to fight back and get your claim approved!


Most Claims Are Denied – Don’t Get Discouraged

If your Social Security disability claim (SSDI or SSI) is denied, do not give up! This is often just one step in the process to getting approved for your disability benefits. Hire us as your Social Security law firm and we prepare your case to facilitate a favorable decision every step of the way. We file your appeals properly, and on time, and we shield you from having to deal directly with Social Security directly. We’ll check in with you every 45 days to get an update on your condition until your case is finished. We are staffed from 9am to 10pm EST every day, 7 days a week. If an emergency arises, we are available to speak with you 24 hours a day.


A Providence Disability Lawyer Handles It

Your social security attorney will try to get your case approved without you even having to attend a hearing. We gather updated medical evidence for the judge to review and provide your doctors with questionnaires that will help establish your disability under Social Security rules and criteria. Your attorney will write a legal argument for the judge to consider before your hearing takes place. If the Judge decides that a hearing is still necessary, then your social security lawyer will spend time with you prior to the hearing going over the details of your case and the types of questions you will likely be asked. Most cases end up before an administrative law judge. You want to have an experienced social security attorney by your side fighting for you. If you hire us, a highly qualified and aggressive Providence disability lawyer from Rob Levine & Associates will be advocating for you. CALL US Today on our social security benefits phone number!

Providence Disability Lawyer

We Don’t Get Paid Until You’re Approved!

You pay no fee unless you are awarded benefits. You’ll have our team of Social Security disability lawyers and experts representing you because we care about our clients and because our financial interests are aligned. When you are approved for SSI or SSDI benefits, the fee is 25% of the past due to social security benefits you become entitled to and we are paid directly by the Social Security Administration. This means that you never have to pay us directly and from the day you are approved going forward, no money goes towards paying your social security attorneys’ fees. Stop by our Providence social security office today.

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