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The Social Security system is designed to help people with financial and medical needs who have paid into the system throughout their working careers. Often, however, getting Social Security medical benefits claims approved can be a trying ordeal. Most folks assume that getting benefits is a straightforward process. The truth is that the Social Security Administration actually denies more claims each year than it approves.

Have you had a social security claim denied? Call the Hartford disability lawyers at Rob Levine & Associates. We work every day on behalf of clients to ensure they get the financial and medical benefits they deserve for paying into the system over their working careers. The Social Security Administration denies most claims because they know that most people will simply become frustrated and give up on the claim. We make sure they are held to their full responsibility and that you get the treatment you are owed under the law.



We Handle Social Security Claims

There’s no doubt that getting your Social Security claim approved can be a nightmare. We take that burden from you and handle all of the legal filings, negotiations, and follow up to ensure that your claim is handled properly. The administration, like all government agencies, can be a huge tangle of bureaucracy, and getting anything done can seem like a never-ending process.

As lawyers that deal with Social Security and disability cases every day, we have the expertise to get things done. We know the claims process inside and out, and we’ll work to make sure your claim is approved.

Call us today! We offer a free consultation, and we are literally here any time you need us. You can reach us 24 hours a day on the toll free line, or you can use the chat function in the bottom right of this page to reach a live operator.

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