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Boston Personal Injury Lawyer


Boston personal injury lawyer


Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Boston?

There are many likely causes of an accident resulting in personal injury due to negligence. It may involve a slip and fall, vehicle accident or some other unfortunate mishap. In Boston, it happens every day, and the victims often don’t know where to turn.

Not only do these accidents often result in a trip to the emergency room, but many victims find themselves later unable to perform normal day-to-day functions. They may even be unable to return to work due to the long-term effects of these injuries. Medical bills, lost wages, and the overall stress involved in these predicaments can place a heavy burden on a primary provider and their family.

Our attorney has a full understanding of the ins and outs of personal injury claims, such as the complex laws involved, what forms to fill out, and the process as a whole. You will be helped in every step necessary until your justified compensation is won. Personal injury lawyers in Boston like Rob Levine are ready to help you get back to a normal enjoyable life.

You need to be aware that the legal process can take some time.  The process can often take a year or more, but your Boston personal injury lawyer will make sure to set your expectations for the road ahead. Rob Levine will be on your side, from start to finish.  Contact the office today to see how we can help your case.

Personal Injury Statistics

Personal injury claims are the highest  cases seen in our courts today.  In 2005, almost 27,000 cases made it to trial.  However, this represents only 5% of all litigation, as all the others were settled before trial.

Out of all personal injury cases, 52%, stem from vehicle crashes like car accidents, another 15% from medical malpractice, and around 5% from product liability. The rest of the cases are from a diverse range of issues, from worker’s comp to dog bites or falls. Our Boston personal injury lawyer is experienced with an unique legal knowledge  to win any personal injury case type. We handle car accidents the most, in addition to truck, motorcycle, bicycle, boat and bus accidents. Our firm gladly also helps with fair debt collection, workers comp, medical malpractice, and slip and falls.



Contact a Boston Car Accident Lawyer

car accidentIn our state alone, hundreds of personal injury claims are filed every year. Many accident claims, unfortunately, are never filed. Some victims may not know what actions to take, or think it’s too difficult, or just don’t know who they can trust to help them.

The big city of Boston has depended on the services of Rob Levine & Associates for years. This Boston personal injury lawyer has experience in obtaining financial recovery for hundreds of clients in the past. Now it’s your turn. Get the help you need right now.



Truck Accident Lawyers of Boston, MA

Modern red glossy in rain semi truck trailer on raining roadA lawyer can help you to sort through the details and seek restitution with a car or truck accident, as well as, accidents involving a bicycle, bus, boat, or motorcycle. We also assist with fair debt collection, slip and falls, workers comp, and medical malpractice.  Call the office today. Caring representatives are standing by to assist you.


Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer