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Why You Want A Personal Injury Attorney

Fall River Personal Injury AttorneyThe decision to hire a lawyer may not come easy. Some people worry that it’s not worth the trouble, or that they will end up losing money in the end. This could not be further from the truth. The only real way to know if your claim is worthy of an attorney is to speak with one! Rob Levine & Associates are experienced in personal injury cases and will explain the best path for you. Consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by simply giving us a call.

You should consider hiring a Fall River personal injury lawyer as soon as you are hurt. The first is the fact that personal injury lawyers understand the inner workings of insurance companies. They know how to reach appropriate settlements, and they know how to negotiate with the insurance company representatives. The second is, of course, their knowledge of the law. Personal injury attorneys have an advantage when it comes to insurance claim discussions: they can quote the law; they know what is legal and what isn’t, and they will not be deceived by half-truths or withheld information. An insurance company may try to take advantage of the injured party’s ignorance of the law, vulnerability or distress, however, they cannot do so with a lawyer.  A lawyer can offer precious advice to personal injury victims, such as what steps to take next in their legal journey. We can make sure no injury, or recovery for it, is overlooked. If needed, we’ll even bring in a specialist when your case calls for one.


Our Lawyers In Fall River Are Ready

The last thing you want to do after being in an accident is to travel across town to see your personal injury attorney. Rob Levine & Associates has an office in the Maplewood neighborhood of Fall River, Massachusetts to conveniently meet our clients’ needs. Our office is located on Slade St, between E Main St and Montaup St. We enjoy being just steps from Cook Pond, Kelly Park and Chew Playground.

If you can’t meet with Rob at his office, don’t worry! He can come to you at the hospital, at your home, etc. Therefore, when you need legal support for your injury claim, contact our Fall River location at the number listed above.

Not all insurance claim disputes can be settled out of court.  The attorneys at Rob Levine & Associates have been able to acquire extensive court experience through our years of practice. If all else fails, your lawyer will be able to defend your rights in front of a judge and get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Hiring a Fall River personal injury lawyer will give you with peace of mind at a time of distress and vulnerability. You can rest easily, knowing your case is being handled by one of the most notable law firms in the state, and our attorneys will be working relentlessly to get you the compensation you deserve. If you are suffering from a personal injury, don’t wait, call our Fall River office to speak with one of our personal injury attorneys today.


Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer