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Veterans Disability – Our firm handles cases for veterans across the nation!


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Rob Levine

The Lawyer That Fights For Your Veterans Rights

Just Like You Fought For Us

Welcome. I’m Rob Levine, the Heavy Hitter ®, and I’m a veterans disability lawyer. At Rob Levine and Associates, we work every day on behalf of those who have fought and sacrificed so much for our great country – our veterans. As a former member of the National Guard, I have a special appreciation for the dedication, commitment, and bravery that our service men and women display in all areas of military life and engagement. Long ago, high respect for veterans was instilled in me, and I made a personal commitment to give back to them in any way I can.


Going To Work For Your VA Rights and Benefits

The VA does a lot of good for our former service members. VA programs benefit veterans and families with much-needed medical care, jobs and job training assistance, education, and financial services. However, when it comes to disability claims, the VA system can often seem like an endless labyrinth of bureaucracy and government red tape.

As your veterans disability lawyer, I have the knowledge and experience to cut through the system and get you the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.


What a Veterans Disability Lawyer Helps With

VA benefits attorney - Veterans AffairsIf you have a claim that you feel is not properly rated or is being denied outright, the next step is to call an attorney for a free phone consultation. In our conversation, I’ll get a better understanding of your case and make a recommendation on the best way to proceed. Then, I’ll help you:

  • Determine the evidence needed to win your case;
  • Develop the evidence needed to win your case;
  • Draft legal arguments in support of your appeal; and
  • Represent you at conferences or hearings before the VA.

Navigating the Va disability system can be frustrating and extremely time consuming. Having someone who knows the VA process and can decipher what the VA is missing in order to award you disability compensation may be the difference between a denial and award of VA disability compensation

I’m dedicated to getting your veterans disability benefits issues resolved. Call me, Rob Levine, today for the help you need.


Rob Levine Veterans Disability Lawyer


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