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Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims – We handle cases for veterans across the nation!

The Court of Appeals For Veterans Claims

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims - lawyerIf you are a veteran seeking disability compensation through the VA, you must first submit your claim to your VA regional office. If you don’t get a decision that is satisfactory, you can appeal the decision to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

At Rob Levine and Associates, we represent veterans every day, helping them get the disability compensation they deserve. Sometimes, however, even the VA may wrongly deny an appeal, and at that point, you may want to further pursue your appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We’re here to help as seasoned veterans disability attorneys. If you have come this far in the process, you will undoubtedly need qualified legal representation.


Help with Approaching the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

The United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) is a federal court with national jurisdiction for independent oversight and final decisions of the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. The court is part of the United States judiciary and is not part of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

An appeal to the CAVC must be filed within 120 days of the mailing date of the Board’s decision. We can review your case, prepare and submit all required court documents and handle all of your concerns. My goal, and one that my firm accomplishes in almost all cases, is to get you the monetary benefits of your claim in a timely and effective way.

Every day, we help veterans like you get the justice you deserve and the full measure of your Veterans Disability benefits.

Call my office today for a free consultation on any of your Veterans disability compensation questions. We’re here to fight for you, and we’ll deliver the results that your case demands.


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