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Denied VA Benefits? Head to The Board of Veterans’ Appeals

Board of Veterans' Appeals - lawyerAs a veteran, the first step in filing a VA disability compensation claim is to submit your application to your VA regional office. If your claim is denied or doesn’t provide the benefits you expected, then the next step is to file an appeal with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, which was created in 1933 as an adjunct of the VA administration and source of recourse for veterans.

Dealing with the claims process can be complicated, and the higher up you go in the appeals process, the more complex and generally daunting the paperwork becomes. For veterans in this situation, it is best to hire an experienced veterans disability attorney who knows how to get satisfactory results in the least amount of time.


Working with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals

If your claim is denied or underrated by your regional office, we can help you file an appeal with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington, D.C. There is a fair amount of paperwork to prepare for the appeal, and it must be completed accurately and thoroughly. We are experienced in fighting your appeal in a way that leads to a satisfactory outcome for you.

In all Veterans Disability Benefits cases, my firm has the dedication and experience to follow your case through, and we’ll be on your side every step of the way to ensure you get the full benefits you deserve.

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