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Investing in the Success of Rhode Island Teachers

Founded back in 2013 by philanthropist John and Letitia Carter, The Sparks Program was limited to only urban school districts such as Providence and Central Falls. The Rhode Island Foundation recently announced that the program will be expanding to …

Rhode Island’s Children’s Wellbeing Initiative

Providence has decided to implement a plan for improving children’s wellbeing after Rhode Island was ranked as one of the lowest states in the country for children’s wellbeing. According to the KidsCount data center, Rhode Island ranks at 31st …

Be Prepared to Stay Safe in a Severe Storm

In Rhode Island, we are not accustomed to thinking of any storm much smaller than a hurricane as a potential danger. However, in one week this summer, the state experienced 2 severe storms, including a tornado warning, flooding, and …

Withholding Identity of Administrative Law Judge Until Hearing

Administrative Law Judges will be made Unknown until Hearing
Starting this week, the Social Security Administration will withhold identity of which Administrative Law Judge has been assigned to their case prior to the date of the hearing. It is hoped …

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