Six Reasons Why Boating Accidents Occur.

Millions of adults and their families choose recreational boating for fishing, traveling from place to place, and just to relax during the summertime. When boating, some of the most common causes of accidents at sea include a distracted sea …

Safe Boating Tips- Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating is a very popular hobby in New England. Now that the season is approaching, we are all ready to take the boat back out on the water. Despite your amount of experience, there is always the potential for …

Labor Day Weekend Safety Reminder

Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of summer for many families. The weather begins to turn, kids go back to school, and normal routines return. This means that many celebrate Labor Day weekend as a last hurrah of the …

The Importance of Boating Safety: Summer Safety Tips

Boating Tips for Summer Safety 
Now that it is summer there are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities to take part in such as biking, hiking, and water sports. Many aquatic activities include the use of a boat, which …

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