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A Voice for victims We understand that facing childhood abuse is hard and often time passes as we try to repress the memory.

In RI & MA You can bring a claim NOW as long as you are not over 53 years of age for abuse that happened when you were a child.

In CT, you can bring a claim NOW as long as you are not over 48 years of age for abuse that happened when you were a child. If your abuser was criminally convicted, there is no time limit.

Let us help you now get resolution against your abuser so you can take a step forward and help prevent this from happening to someone else.

Everything is strictly confidential, and there is no fee ever unless you win.
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Recent changes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have extended the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse from 7 years to 35 years plus the age of majority (18 years). The act also extends to 35 years the statute of limitations for conduct which caused or contributed to childhood sexual abuse.

In Connecticut, the law allows you to get justice for abuse that happened as long as 48 years ago.  If the abuser was convicted of a crime, there is no statute of limitations, and you can bring a claim against the abuser at any time.

Our firm is available to answer calls and texts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mission is to ensure victims of sexual abuse get help, understand their rights and options.


We are standing by to help. The call is 100% confidential. Call, text, or email us and remember there is no fee unless you win.


You owe it to yourself and the victims to report anything that seems out of the ordinary.


Understand your rights and the justice you are entitled to for the suffering you’ve endured.


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We are standing by to help. Call, text or email us–100% confidential and there are no fees unless you win. Rob Levine & Associates will be your advocate. Understand your rights and what the new statute of limitations means to you.

Sexual Abuse in Religious Institutions

Religious institutions have long covered up the problem of leaders sexually abusing children. The victims, sexually abused by religious leaders such as priests, ministers, rabbis, or elder, are entitled to justice for injuries suffered.

Sexual Abuse in Public Schools

Private as well as public schools owe each and every student the duty to protect him or her from sexual abuse by its teachers and faculty. Teachers who sexually abuse children exploit the trust placed in them by their students. Unfortunately, schools have either ignored complaints of sexual abuse or sought to cover them up.

Sexual Abuse in Youth Organizations

Sports coaches (such as gymnastics, swimming, and other sports), scoutmasters, Boys and Girls Club leaders to name a few, all are mentors to children with whom they work. For all the good they do, many of these youth organizations have long-known about the problem of their employees and volunteers sexually abusing their youth members.