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Recall Update: Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Audi.

Volkswagen is recalling select 2019 Jetta vehicles. There may be a chance that the driver frontal airbag is incorrect. Ford is recalling select 2019 Fusion Energi Hybrid models. Some of these vehicles do not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard because they may not protect against direct or indirect high voltages. Toyota is recalling […]

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Recall Update: Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen

Ford is recalling select 2015-2019 Ford F-150 and certain 2017-2019 Ford super duty trucks with an engine block heater installed. Prolonged use can cause a resistive short. Hyundai is recalling select 2018 Elantra GT vehicles. The sunroof may be programmed incorrectly, and may not be able to detect if there is an obstruction in its […]

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Monthly Recall Update: Maserati, Volkswagen, RAM, Audi, Honda, and Ford

Maserati is recalling select 2014-20115 Quattroporte and Ghibli vehicles. There may be damage in the fuel line that may cause a leak and an increased risk of fire.  Volkswagen is recalling select 2018-2019 Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan and 2019 Jetta Vehicles without keyless entry. There may not be an alert sound when the key is […]

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Monthly Recall Update: Chrysler, Jeep, General Motors, Ford, Hyndai

Recalls on products such as consumer products, motor vehicles, and medicine happen frequently. These products get recalled because they risk consumer safety. Therefore it is very important that you are aware of these recalls to prevent injury. Chrysler is recalling select 2017-2018 Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicles. If the engine is started improperly thee could […]

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