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Need A Waterbury Truck Accident Lawyer?

American drivers get in accidents at a clip of 25,000 times each year, according to the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB). And a huge number of these accidents tragically end up in death. Did you know that a fully loaded 18 wheeler can legally weigh up to 80,000 pounds? The average weight of a passenger vehicle, according the EPA, is 4,079 pounds. There is simply no match when a big rig collides with a car.

Have you been injured in a truck accident? Call a Waterbury truck accident lawyer like Rob Levine right now.



Our Waterbury Truck Accident Lawyers Take Your Case Seriously

Trucking injury law is a special area of personal injury law, and the settlement claims can end up to be quite large when a case is handled professionally and correctly.

Their insurance companies know this and will fight the case to minimize their financial loss. Ordinary people don’t typically have enough knowledge to fight the insurance company on their own. You need someone with years of experience and a high education in this field of law.

Once we have determined that you have a valid claim, we can assist you with the goal of getting the largest compensation possible. A truck accident can leave you with lifelong injures, so you deserve the fullest and fairest financial restitution.

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, and you feel there was negligence, call us today for a full, fair and free phone consultation on your case. We are Waterbury truck accident lawyers, and we’ll fight for your rights.



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