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The VA Claims Process – Our firm handles cases for veterans across the nation!

The Lawyer Handles All Stages of the VA Process

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If you are a veteran and want to file a claim for disability compensation, the first step is to submit your claim to your VA regional office. If you are unsure how to do this, see Filing a Claim for VA Disability Compensation.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results or don’t get the benefits that you think you deserve, then it’s time to consult with a veterans disability lawyer. The VA claims and appeals process can be complex, leading to frustration.

I’m Rob Levine, a highly-acclaimed attorney with many years of effectively helping people navigate the disability process and achieve the results they need. Here’s some more information on the VA claims process.


Going Through The Claims Process Alone– Often A Big Mistake

Unfortunately, far too many veterans attempt to take on the difficult claims process on their own. As a result, many commit errors that may lead to the denial or reduction of full benefits, unfairly depriving them of benefits rightly owed under the law.

We help you eliminate this painful experience through our years of working within the VA system framework, and we can help you determine if you meet eligibility requirements for a claim. There are many factors that either diminish or augment your case. Generally, you are entitled to VA disability compensation for disabilities that began in or were aggravated by service, or that are related to certain circumstances of military service. Examples include:

Whatever your disability, the best time to act is now – by consulting a veterans disability lawyer with the knowledge and experience to navigate this system for you. Claims do take some time to process, but by using my team, you can ensure you get the results you need and the maximum monetary award you deserve.

Contact me, Rob Levine, for a free consultation on all of your Veterans Disability Benefits claims questions and issues.


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