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SMC Benefits From The VA – We handle cases for veterans across the nation!

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) Lawyers For Veterans

SMC Special Monthly Compensation - lawyerSMC, or Special Monthly Compensation, is a confusing and often very frustrating area of VA compensation for disabled service men and women. In general, SMC is designed to provide additional compensation for veterans above and beyond your disability pay. SMC may be awarded to veterans who have lost the use of certain organs or limbs, or who are housebound and require regular care.

If you have, or think you may have, an SMC-related issue, call my office today.  We’ll help you navigate the minefield of working the VA system.


How SMC Works

SMC may be awarded under the following circumstances:

  • Loss of use of limb, hand or foot;
  • Blindness in both eyes or deafness in both ears;
  • Loss of use of a creative organ;
  • Where there is a disability rated at 100% with an additional, separate disability rated at 60% or more; or
  • Where there is a disability rated at 100% and the veteran requires regular aid and attendance

Do you think you qualify for SMC benefits? Call Rob Levine and Associates, and I will review your case for free. If you do have a claim, we’ll make sure you get the maximum amount in SMC compensation coming to you.

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