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Effective Date of Veterans Disability – We handle cases for veterans across the nation!

The Effective Date of Your VA Benefits

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As part of an award of benefits, the VA establishes the effective date of the award. This, in turn, determines when a veteran’s payable benefits go into effect. Many times, this date is the date that the veteran filed his or her most recent claim for service connection or for increased compensation.

So what’s the problem? Many times, this “effective date” does not accurately capture the earliest date the veteran is eligible for compensation. And this means they may not receive compensation to which they are entitled. As an example, let’s say that your effective date should actually be a year earlier than reflected in your current rating. This would mean you are entitled to a year of benefits that have not been paid to you. In some cases, veterans are actually owed several years of retroactive benefits by the VA. This can lead to substantial awards. We help you secure these awards by working effectively within the VA system to ensure you get every dime you have coming.


A Lawyer Can Ensure Your Effective Date Is Correct

I’m Rob Levine, the Heavy Hitter ®, and my firm knows all the ins and outs of dealing with the VA. This includes the establishment of the earliest possible effective date. If your effective date is currently incorrect, then you are most likely missing out on money owed to you by the VA.

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