Understanding Medical Payment Coverage (Medpay)

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and scary experience. Most people will go through their lives without ever being involved in a motor vehicle accident but unfortunately, that cannot be said for everyone. If …

Car Accidents With No Insurance

What is Car Insurance For?
Most states require residents to have car insurance. Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Wisconsin are the only states that do not explicitly require car insurance. However, these states do require proof of financial …

Insurance Relinquishes Their Responsibility in Massachusetts

Many people participate in dangerous activities every day. One typical example of someone participating in a dangerous activity would be race-car driving. Legally, the participants are expected to understand the danger of the activity and there is no liability …

Personal Injury vs. Colossus

As a personal injury law firm, the most important aspect is getting the most value for our client’s case. Valuing a case can be difficult because there are so many varying factors and every case is different. There are …

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