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Winter Driving- Driving on Snowy and icy roads

New England winters are usually filled with frigid weather, snow storms and icy roads. These weather conditions lead to an increase in accidents and injury on the road. To keep you safe this winter Rob Levine and Associates assembled …

Sharing the Road: Bike Safety

It is very important for cars and bikes to be aware of one another on the road. If each party has an understanding of their responsibilities, as well as knowledge on what the other is doing, there should be …


School is out and summer is finally here. This is the time we all have been dreaming about during the long and shivering winter. It is time for late nights, warm weather, and many adventures. With the kids being …

Risks of Impaired Truck Drivers and Consequences

Truck Accidents Caused by Truck Drivers
The most prevalent cause of truck accidents each year were reported to be caused because of errors by the truck driver. In many cases, drivers are impaired (by alcohol, fatigue or another substance), which …

New School Year – Car Safety

School Safety Precautions
The school year is going to be starting for millions of children all over the United States. Depending on where you live will impact how your commute is affected by the school being in session. Schools all …

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