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Springfield Truck Accident Lawyer

Springfield Truck Accident Lawyer Rob Levine


The Heavy Hitter ® Handles Truck Wrecks in Springfield

It seems there are more and more large trucks on the road every year, such as semis, box trucks, auto haulers, cement trucks and other rolling fortresses of commerce. With increasingly busy roads and interstates, the number of accidents involving large trucks is on the rise. Typically, a truck accident is no minor event, and there are thousands of deaths every year as a result of these collisions.

If you have been involved in an accident with a large truck, you need the guidance and help of a highly-qualified Springfield truck accident lawyer. In the Springfield area, there is no better resource than Attorney Rob Levine & Associates. This firm handles a wide range of truck-related injury cases.



The Nature Of Truck Accident Litigation

Most trucking companies and independent operators in the United States follow the strict federal guidelines for driver and equipment safety. With more trucks on the road, however, there are increasing numbers of cases involving negligence on the part of the driver or the trucking company. In these cases, you’ll want a truck accident attorney who knows all aspects of this type of litigation and is committed to your best interests.

From a legal standpoint, the insurance company underwriting the truck company or operator will most likely try to pay out as little in damages as possible. Rob Levine & Associates has a long track record in handling trucking accident cases. Our attorney makes sure the insurance company follows through on its commitment to provide you complete compensation.

There are many possible issues in a truck accident, and we understand the path to pursue for the most satisfactory outcome for you – an outcome that will allow you or your loved ones to focus on the path to healing without so many financial concerns stemming from lost wages and medical expenses.

Injured in a truck accident? Call your Springfield truck accident lawyer for free phone consultations 24-hours a day.


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