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South Kingstown Truck Accident Lawyer

South Kingstown Truck Accident Lawyer


What Do I Do After a Truck Accident?

tractor trailer wreckBefore you do anything else, call 911 to report the truck accident. Do not simply exchange information with the other driver and leave. Ask any witnesses to please remain until the police arrive to give a formal statement. Once the police arrive on the scene, be assertive and ask that they get the names and contact numbers of the witnesses for follow-up contact. Regardless how insignificant your injuries, allow the police offer to call for an ambulance to take you to the hospital for evaluation. Your next call should be to our office, where a South Kingstown truck accident lawyer will instruct you how to proceed from there.

After being involved in a truck accident in South Kingstown, RI, or anywhere nearby, your next course of action should be hiring an attorney that is familiar with the complexities of these wreck types to immediately begin fighting on your behalf.

At Rob Levine & Associates, our lawyers have successfully settled millions of dollars worth of truck accident claims for our clients. Soon after you have been involved in a truck accident, we begin the process of putting together a rock-solid claim that will force the insurance companies to settle for exactly what we feel is adequate compensation for injuries sustained.


Dealing With Long-Term Injuries After An 18 Wheeler Wreck

What you may not have realized is that your ability to earn in the future could be impacted by the truck accident, and we simply will not rest until their insurance companies correct this by compensating you.

When you are involved in a truck accident, you should not have to worry about how you are going to provide for your family for the rest of your life. You worry about getting better, your South Kingstown truck accident lawyer will make certain you get all the money you will ever need to live comfortably. At Rob Levine & Associates, we are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your truck accident. Call us today and schedule a free consultation so we can show you exactly how we plan to hold the guilty party accountable for making you whole once again.


Hire a South Kingstown Truck Accident Lawyer

18wheeler After an 18 wheeler wreck, one of the benefits to having an attorney is simple convenience. We understand that you’re dealing with a lot right now.  If you are unable to meet with us in one of our offices, we will gladly make arrangements to meet with you at your office, home, or at your hospital bed. From there, our team of professional accident investigators will go to work making sure ever aspect of your case is covered. While you are dealing with having your injuries addressed by your physician, the team at Rob Levine & Associates is hard at work putting all the complicated pieces of your case together. If necessary, we will return to the scene of the truck accident and take pictures, measurements, and follow-up with witnesses concerning the accident.


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