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Rear-End Collision – Route 95 in Warwick, RI

In the fall of 2011, our client was rear-ended on route 95 in Warwick, RI. A health enthusiast, he was travelling the route home from the gym for his daily routine early morning workout. On this particular clear early morning, the client had slowed to yield to the atypical early morning traffic. The client had successfully come to a complete stop, when he heard screeching tires, and then three (3) separate impacts of which the impact to his vehicle was the last. Our client was the apex of a four (4) car collision. The defendant hit the first vehicle which started a chain reaction where the first car was propelled into the second vehicle which was propelled into our client. Although there were three (3) separate collisions, our client only felt one (1) impact. Thankfully, our client left ample room between his vehicle and the vehicle in front of him to eliminate the possibility of a five (5) car accident. It is clear based on the location and property damage that the defendant was travelling in gross excess of the posted speed limit in addition to traffic conditions. The force of the impact dealt over $1,000.00 dollars of property damage to the rear of our client’s vehicle. After investigation, the defendant did not have active insurance. Therefore, only claimants with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage were able to submit claims for property damage and bodily injury.

The client immediately felt pain in his neck and back, but refused emergency treatment at the scene of the accident. The client went home to rest after the accident in hopes that the pain would subside. However, after a few hours of progressively intense pain, the client went to the hospital. The client went to Charlton Memorial Hospital emergency room to determine the extent of the unknown injuries. At the hospital, the client was diagnosed with soft tissue neck and back injuries. The client was released home to follow up with his primary care physician should pain persist. The following day, the client sought the treatment of his family chiropractor. As chiropractic treatment progressed, treatment had to be paused due to increased complaints of unresolved intense neck and back pain. Concurrently with the chiropractic treatment, the client followed up with his primary care physician who was managing his treatment. In conjunction, the primary care physician and the chiropractor were able to assist the client in achieving maximum medical improvement.

The client treated for approximately twelve (12) weeks, and was out of work for approximately one (1) day. Our client’s total medical bills were around $5,000.00 at the completion of his treatment. After negotiations, his claim settled with his uninsured/underinsured insurance carrier for over $13,000.00.