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Rear-End Collision – East Greenwich, RI

In December 2009, our client was rear-ended in East Greenwich. Our client sustained a disc herniation in her neck which was abutting her nerve root and a annular tear in her lower back. Due to her injuries, she treated with an orthopedic, neurologist, chiropractor, and physical therapist. She tried numerous conservative methods to assist with the pain, but it never got better. In June 2010, she had surgery on her neck. Even with the surgery, she still had constant pain in her back and neck. Her orthopedic specialist determined she had a permanent condition and she would never be 100% healed.

After fierce negotiations with the insurance company, our client received an offer of $300,000 for her injuries, which was above what her case was valued at. Unfortunately, she did not have health insurance for most of her treatment, which totaled over $100,000. The firm was able to negotiate her medicals bills so that the client would get $110,000 remaining after the bills were paid. If you were in a car accident and you sustained an injury, whether or not you have health insurance, you should contact a car accident personal injury lawyer who will fight to get you your maximum benefits.