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Motorcycle Accident – Warwick, RI

In the summer of 2010, our client was knocked off of his motorcycle when a minivan struck him on the left side in a collision in Warwick, RI. As a result, the motorcycle trapped client between the motorcycle and pavement on the right side. Our client had just briefly stopped in a parking lot to put on a sweatshirt as the weather had become chilly for a motorcycle ride. Client was travelling the route home from steadfastly job searching in this miserable economy. A lifelong resident of Warwick, RI, the client was extremely familiar with the area. On this particular afternoon, the client had parked his motorcycle in a parking spot. The client was stopped long enough to obtain his sweatshirt from his bag, and gotten the sweatshirt just over the top of his head when he was struck. The impact was a complete surprise. The force of the impact dealt over $2,000.00 dollars of property damage to our client’s motorcycle.

The client was able to get up with assistance in removing the motorcycle from on top of his body. After a short while, he was able to re-mount his motorcycle and finish his ride home. By the time he had gotten home, the pain had grown immensely. The client was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for emergency care as the extent of injuries was yet unknown. At the hospital, the client was diagnosed with a lower extremity contusion. The client was released home to follow up with an orthopedist should pain persist. The client attempted to rest, but was awoken every night to excruciating neck, back, and right ankle pain. Approximately one month after the motor vehicle accident, the client began treatment with an orthopedist who recommended physical therapy in lieu of immediate surgical intervention unbeknownst to the extreme tendon damage sustained. As physical therapy progressed, an MRI was recommended for further inspection of the right ankle for pain that had not resolved. The MRI revealed an extensive tear of the peroneal brevis tendon with significant subtalar arthrosis. This particular injury required three (3) surgeries to correct, each producing intensifying scars. After each surgery another round of physical therapy was prescribed to increase strength and mobility in the significantly damaged right ankle.

The client treated for approximately two (2) years, and was out of work for the same time period. Our client’s total medical bills were approximately $70,000.00 at the completion of his treatment. In addition, the client had sustained a 24% permanent impairment of his lower extremity according to the AMA Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 6th Edition. After negotiations, his claim settled with the liability insurance carrier for policy limits of $100,000.00. Current ongoing negotiations with the client’s underinsured insurance carrier continue for additional recovery.