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Ladder Accident – Rhode Island – $350,000.00

In the spring of 2008 our Rhode Island client was assisting a neighbor with a home improvement project when he was knocked from a 16-foot ladder down to a paved driveway. Landing heavily on his left leg, our client sustained a 20% lower extremity impairment as a result of a pilon fracture, a 2% lower extremity impairment as a result of deep peroneal dysesthesia, and a 15% lower extremity impairment as a result of the cartilage interval on his x-ray, talar dome injury and articular pilon injury, which using the combined values chart based on the AMA Guidelines Fifth Edition equated to an overall 33% lower extremity impairment, causally related to this incident.

Our client treated at Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, RI and Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI, then followed up with an orthopedic physician and physical therapy. He missed 28 weeks of work, losing wages of approximately $25,000.00, and was considered totally disabled during this time period. Our client’s total medical bills were around $120,000.00 at the completion of his treatment. The insurance company for the neighbor offered an inadequate settlement and we filed suit. After negotiations but before our client had to undergo a trial, his claim settled for $350,000.00.