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Head-On Collision Car Accident – Acushnet, MA

In the winter of 2011, our client was hit in a head-on collision in Acushnet, MA. She was visiting family in the area for the holiday season. Although client is not a resident of MA, she did formerly reside in MA for over twenty (20) years, and is very familiar with the area and driving in winter conditions. On this particular clear evening, the client was travelling the road home to her parent’s house with her children returning from a night of shopping and dinner. The client was travelling within the speed limit on a curved two (2) lane road. The defendant was approaching from the other direction travelling at speeds in gross excess of the speed limit when he crossed the double yellow center line briefly entering client’s lane of travel colliding head on with client’s vehicle. The defendant received several citations from the Acushnet Police Department including negligent operation of a motor vehicle, marked lanes violation, stop sign violation, and speeding. The client saw the defendant’s vehicle approaching her, but did not expect defendant to cross the double yellow line and strike her vehicle head-on. Client had less than one second to react to the impending collision. In that brief moment, the defendant entered client’s lane of travel smashing into the front end with crushing force. Had the client and her children not been travelling in a truck, the outcome could have been fatal. The force of the impact dealt over $9,000.00 dollars of property damage to the front of our client’s vehicle resulting in a total loss.

The client immediately felt pain in her neck, but refused emergency treatment at the scene of the accident. Since client was accompanied by her two (2) minor children, she was primarily focused on their health and wellbeing. As such, the client tended to the needs of her children for the next few hours. The following day, client sought treatment from a local urgent care to determine the extent of her injuries. At the urgent care, the client was diagnosed with soft tissue neck and back injuries. The client was released home to follow up with her primary care physician should pain persist. The client attempted to rest for the following two (2) weeks, but began to notice exacerbating pain with the slightest of movements. Upon return to her home state, the client immediately sought the assistance of her primary care physician. The client was issued a prescription for physical therapy from her primary care physician. As physical therapy progressed, pain and discomfort began to subside. Client eventually returned to pre-accident status with the help of physical therapy.

The client treated for approximately seven (7) weeks. Our client’s total medical bills were around $3,000.00 at the completion of his treatment. After negotiations, her claim settled with the liability insurance carrier for over $5,600.00.