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Cut-Off Car Accident in Providence, RI

In the fall of 2011, our client was travelling down a major throughway in Providence, RI. She frequented this road to grab her favorite local coffee on her way to work just as she has done every day during her breaks from college. On this particular fall afternoon, the client had just exited Route 10 in Providence. The client had successfully exited the off ramp and turned right onto the major throughway. The client was travelling straight within the posted speed limit when unexpectedly a car turned left directly in front of the client from a side street. The client had less than one second to react. She slammed on the brakes and braced the steering wheel in anticipation of the collision. The client collided head first with defendant’s vehicle at approximately a ninety (90) degree angle which triggered air bag deployment. The force of the impact dealt over $10,000.00 dollars in property damage.

The client immediately felt pain in her back and left wrist, but was able to keep her composure through her interactions with the police and their investigation. After being released from the scene, the client was immediately taken to Garden City Treatment Center by her mother who responded to the scene as the extent of injuries was yet unknown. At the treatment center, the client received x-rays from which the physician diagnosed various sprains and strains, given a brace for her left wrist, and was referred to physical therapy for continued care. As the client progressed in physical therapy, the pain in her left wrist increased exponentially. Client eventually sought the opinion of an orthopedic surgeon pursuant to the recommendation of her physical therapist. Through MRI imaging, the orthopedic surgeon was able to diagnose the client with an ulnar styloid fracture and significant tears of the triangular fibrocartilage complex. Our client was then required to endure open reduction surgery to correct the injuries resulting in aggressive scarring across her left hand and wrist. In the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon removed a bone in our client’s wrist and repaired the severely damaged tendons. Our client was placed in a cast and remained in a cast throughout her final semester of college. Even at graduation, the client was still in a cast. The client continued to treat with her orthopedic to ensure that the wrist was healing properly. When she was finally taken out of the cast, the client treated with a hand therapist to regain motion and strength in her hand.

The client treated for approximately eight (8) months, and was out of work for the same time period. Our client’s total medical bills were around $27,000.00 at the completion of her treatment. After negotiations, her claim settled with the liability insurance carrier for policy limits of $25,000.00. Current ongoing negotiations with the client’s underinsured insurance carrier continue for additional recovery.