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Bicycle Accident – Sidewalk in Providence, RI

In the spring of 2010 our client was involved in a bicycle accident in Providence, RI. Unbeknownst to our client, then age 42, as he passed near a pharmacy which abutted the sidewalk, a cement barrier from one of the pharmacy’s parking spaces had been dislodged and was stretched across the sidewalk, causing him to fall from his bicycle. From the impact, our right-hand dominant client struck his right hand on the ground and injured his right pinky finger. He also complained of neck pain. According to our client’s girlfriend, she spoke to a woman working at the pharmacy who said that people’s cars hit the cement parking space marker all the time and move it onto the sidewalk; she said that she picks them up herself and moves them back all the time. The woman at the pharmacy said that it happens frequently and that she moves them back into place. The bicycle was not damaged.

Our client treated at Roger Williams Medical Center and Miriam Hospital, then followed up with an orthopedic physician and a chiropractor. He treated for 32 weeks and was considered partially disabled during this time period. Our client’s total medical bills were around $6,300.00 at the completion of his treatment. The insurance company for the pharmacy denied liability and we filed suit. After negotiations but before our client had to answer discovery or undergo a deposition, his claim settled for $12,000.00.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, please contact a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with bicycle injury cases. Rob Levine has handled numerous bicycle accident cases, and he will fight to get you or your loved ones the maximum benefits that you could be entitled to. Call the bicycle accident attorney with teeth; call Rob Levine.