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A New Haven Truck Accident Lawyer

Big trucks are all around us. On the highways there are the 90,000-pound behemoth tractor trailer rigs that rule the road. We seldom think much about large trucks, but when a truck accident happens it can be devastating. In a moment, lives can become crushed and irrevocably damaged.

If you’ve been in a truck crash, it’s time to call the New Haven truck accident lawyers at Rob Levine & Associates.



The Truth About Large Truck Accidents

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) reports that there are an average of 25,000 accidents each year in the United States involving large trucks.

At our office, we hear about the tragedies surrounding truck accidents all of the time. We have represented many clients over the years in these accidents where a truck or the trucking company is negligent and to blame in the collision. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, we can help you get the financial compensation to assist you in putting your life back together.


When Trucks Are To Blame

Common causes of large truck accidents include:

• Tired drivers who have been behind the wheel too long
• Faulty equipment
• Equipment that is used improperly
• Over-sized loads
• Improperly secured loads
• Driving to fast

Trucks are subject to many more state and federal regulations than passenger operators. This is due to the highly dangerous nature of their presence on the road. Our truck accident lawyers in New Haven, CT understand the complexities of trucking law, and we know how to successfully build cases that yield the highest settlements.


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If a truck has injured you, there is only one call to make – and that’s to our office. The consultation is free. Our attorneys can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve under the law from the trucking companies and the insurance they have.

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