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You don’t need to leave town to find a New Bedford personal injury attorney to fight for your rights after a serious accident. Rob Levine & Associates has two offices in Massachusetts. We strive to make sure our neighbors get the legal representation they need when another’s negligence causes them harm. We see plenty of cases where car accidents on I-195 or JFK Highway have caused serious injuries.

Don’t think you have to travel all the way up to a bigger city to get legal help – Rob has an office right in your own backyard! Call the New Bedford office today!

Need a Personal Injury Attorney? We’re Here.

New Bedford Personal Injury Attorney Accidents and injuries happen all the time, and in many cases, they are the result of the negligence of another individual or company. Those who have been hurt as the result of an accident that was not their own fault should know that they have options in terms of being compensated for this huge inconvenience.

It is always a good idea to act swiftly in contacting a New Bedford personal injury lawyer. Act fast by simply reaching out to a lawyer and getting your claim started. Once an attorney has set into motion the claim process, injury victims are able to focus on the task of recovering physically.


Get The Right Lawyer For Your Personal Injury

Having a focused and dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side is essential to gaining a sizable financial recovery. This recovery is very important in helping injured individuals handle medical-related expenses and the ongoing possibility of lost wages. A New Bedford personal injury lawyer that routinely handles serious injuries such as brain damage, burns and wrongful death can provide a level of piece of mind for clients that would otherwise not be possible.

A fair-yet-aggressive approach to negotiations is, in many instances, the best way to gain a just settlement. When personal injury accidents happen because of the mistakes or errors of another person, it is advisable to discuss the case with a personal injury attorney as soon as you’re able to. Waiting could result in losing your settlement altogether. Contact Rob Levine & Associates today.



Rob Levine Personal Injury Lawyer