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Defective Products

Defective Product Liability Law Firm

Did you recently suffer injury because of a defective product? Was your loved one injured or killed in an accident caused by a poorly made product? Do you wish to hold a negligent manufacturer liable for its careless disregard for others’ safety? Rob Levine & Associates can help with defective product liability cases in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Going up against a large corporation can be an intimidating process. The attorneys at Rob Levine & Associates help victims and survivors seek fair compensation from liable companies. We have the resources available to pursue a settlement that will address your medical bills, lost wages and other injury-related expenses.

Many injury cases can be resolved satisfactorily without heading to a courtroom. Our firm will talk to you about your options and create a plan that is the least disruptive to your life and recovery process. We respect how difficult this time is and will protect your privacy every step of the way. Call or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation.

We’ll Answer Your Questions about Defective Products and Injuries

You likely have many questions and concerns relating to your accident and injuries. We can address some of your questions during an initial case consultation. Others cannot be answered until we have had the opportunity to investigate your case, collect evidence and talk to witnesses.

We strive to answer your questions relating to matters such as:

how to determine if a product was defective and caused your accident, injury or illness
who is liable for the defective product (this can include manufacturers, marketers, distributors and more)
what to do about unpaid medical bills while your claim is negotiated
how to talk to the insurance companies
whether or not you should divulge your medical records to the defendant or an insurance company
steps you can take to protect your potential settlement
how long it will be before you can expect to receive financial compensation
what you must do in order to prove the defective product caused injury or illness
Our team offers round-the-clock help for victims of serious injury. We strive to answer all of your questions in a timely manner and provide information that empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Do You Have the Grounds for a Claim?

Companies are legally and ethically obligated to produce and sell safe products. Examples of situations that could result in a defective products claim include:

incorrectly labeled over-the-counter pain relievers
children’s toys or furniture made with lead paint
automotive tires that are prone to early deflation and blowouts
poorly manufactured construction equipment
Our offices can investigate the details of your case and comb company records to determine if negligence occurred and who is liable for the mistake. You have three years to take action – we recommend starting early to best protect your rights.

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Rob Levine & Associates helps victims of defective products and their families pursue compensation. Call today if you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a defective products accident.

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