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Windham personal injury Lawyer


Windham Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal injuries can happen at any time of day, to anyone. These injuries consist of a negligent or careless individual/group whose actions cause harm to another person. This type of injury can be physical, mental and emotional. If you or someone you know has been injured in the Windham, Connecticut area contact Rob Levine & Associates today!

At Rob Levine & Associates we have a dedicated team that is here to fight for your personal injury claim. These injuries have the potential to derail victim’s lives without any warning. Our team has helped countless individuals just like you get the justice that they deserve. A personal injury can put you in the hospital, where you will need to be checked out by a doctor. These necessities can have high costs associated with them. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s actions. A more serious injury can put you out of work for days or even weeks. At Rob Levine & Associates our personal injury lawyers are here to talk to victims of personal injuries in the Windham area. Get into contact with one of our knowledgeable attorneys today.

Most personal injuries are preventable and should be taken seriously. An accident can leave you with many questions and concerns on what the future will entail. We are here to break down your case for you and explain whether or not you have a claim and what the next steps would be. Do not worry about lawyer fees because we offer free initial consultations, give us a call today!
Our firm works on a contingency basis, this means that we do not get paid until you get paid. Having someone on your side that has your interests in mind is vital for any personal injury claim. At Rob Levine & Associates we will negotiate your settlement and will make sure it encompasses all of your expenses after the injury, not just some.


Windham Car Accident Lawyer


car accident LawyerCar accidents are the most common form of personal injury accident. Over 200 million cars are being depended on each and every day in the U.S. Over 5 million car accidents occur every year according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Of the 5 million car accidents, 2 million resulted in minor to severe injuries that require medical attention. These accidents can lead to victims having bills pile up as well as lost wages from missing work.

Getting into contact with a Windham car accident attorney at Rob Levine & Associates will help put your mind at ease. We have helped countless victims just like you. Common causes of car accidents are as follows:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Bad weather
  • Mechanical problem
  • Speeding

The statute of limitations in Connecticut gives car accident victims two years to file a claim. After the two years has passed you will be giving up your right to seek compensation or justice for the car wreck. Filing a car accident claim can be difficult, our experienced team of car accident attorneys is here for you. Don’t waste any more time.

At Rob Levine & Associates our team is passionate about getting justice for victims of car accidents, just like you. We want our clients to focus on getting better while we focus on their legal battle. Our team will fight for you and get you a fair settlement that can make a huge impact on your future. Just give us a call today for a free consultation so we can see if you have a case. Call 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Windham Truck Accident Attorneys


truck accident lawyerAccidents involving large trucks have lead to massive property damage, severe injuries, and even fatalities. These vehicles can weigh 20-30 times that of cars and other smaller trucks that they share the roadways with. Each year there are approximately 400,000 truck accidents each that result in about 140,000 injuries. Because of the large size and weight of these vehicles. There are several factors that cause truck accidents; a few examples are as follows:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Drinking and driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigue
  • Mechanical problems

If you or a loved one in the Windham, Connecticut area has been injured in a truck accident, contact Rob Levine & Associates, your go-to truck accident attorneys. An injury has the potential to completely derail a family’s future. Being injured can leave you with rising debt, medical bills and lost wages. We have negotiated on behalf of thousands of victims just like yourself; we can help you too. Give us a call today so that we can help you get your life back on track.

Make sure not sign or accept any offers before seeking help from an experienced truck accident attorney. It is important to have a trusted and experienced team on your side when fighting for your justice. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Call us today for a free consultation.




We proudly assist clients that have been involved in a:

  • Car wreck
  • Truck wreck
  • Bicycle accident
  • Boat accident
  • Bus accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Workers compensation
  • Dog bite case
  • Medical malpractice case
  • Slip and fall or premises liability
  • and even fair debt collection.