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Groton Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury can have an effect on a person not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. These types of accidents occur when a person is injured as a result of another person’s negligence or carelessness. Many people are affected everyday by these types of accidents.

We know that these accidents can happen at any time of the day – that’s why our team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, contact Rob Levine & Associates. 

Call us today for a free legal consultation. We are dedicated to helping people get back on their feet after an accident. Our team will fight for you and stand by your side every step of the way, don’t go through this alone.

The statute of limitations limits the amount of time a person has to file a claim. After that time has passed, a person forfeits their rights to do so. Don’t overlook your injuries. Call us now.



Groton Car Accident Attorneys

Man Reading Letter After Receiving Neck InjuryIn 2015, there was nearly 19,000 Americans killed as a result of motor vehicle accidents between January and June. Cars are a major source of transportation, so it is not a surprise that car accidents are the most common type of a personal injury accident. Reasons for car accidents are as followed:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Drivers’ fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Read ends
  • Inclement weather

No matter what the reason may have been for the accident, ultimately drivers have a responsibility not only to themselves,  to their passengers, and other vehicles on the road to do their part to maintain a safe driving environment.

So if you or a loved one have been injured in the Groton, Connecticut area in a car accident contact Rob Levine & Associates. We are a reliable car accident attorneys who are dedicated to helping people get what they deserve in a settlement.

A settlement is used to help pay for any expenses after an accident such as medical bills and auto repairs. It can also compensate for your loss of wages and pain and suffering. So don’t waste any more time! Call us today for a free consultation.



Groton Truck Accident Attorneys

iStock_000019251092_SmallMany truck accidents take place every year, injuring thousands of people and because of the size and weight of the trucks. These type of injuries are far more severe and can be fatal.  If you or a loved on in the Groton, Connecticut area have been injured in a truck accident contact Rob Levine & Associates, your reliable truck accident attorneys.

During your time of need, you want someone by your side who has your best interest at heart. The truck company’s adjuster is not your friend. Frequently, they try to take advantage of victims by offering them a settlement that is way less than what they actually deserve.

Our team will ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We will stand by your side and fight for you until you get every penny that you deserve. After all, why should you have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence.

The statute of limitations restricts the amount of time a person has to file a claim. After that time has passed, a person forfeits their rights. Never overlook your injuries, give us a call today for a free consultation!! Our office is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.





We proudly assist clients that have been involved in a:

  • Car wreck
  • Truck wreck
  • Bicycle accident
  • Boat accident
  • Bus accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Workers compensation
  • Dog bite case
  • Medical malpractice case
  • Slip and fall or premises liability
  • and even fair debt collection.