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Our Cranston Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, but anytime you are seriously injured by the negligence of another party, you are entitled to have your medical bills covered by the one at fault or their insurance company. A common issue with this is that they often resist paying like they are supposed to. Our attorneys understand your rights and are never afraid to stand up for them. Find out what our Cranston personal injury lawyer can do for you and your family today.



We Are Your Cranston Car Accident Lawyers

cranston car accident attorneyCar accidents are the most common type of personal injury case. If you have incurred any type of injuries as a result of your accident, you can pursue legal actions against the driver that hurt you. Monetary compensation is there to assist you in any expense that may have occurred after the accident such as medical bills, auto repairs, renting or replacing of your vehicle.


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The statute of limitations can vary depending on the case so it is important to seek assistance sooner than later. We offer a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week calling service. You will get a free consultation when you contact us. Call us today to start the process of getting your life back. If you would like to speak to a representative of our firm, please start chatting from the website or give us a call day or night. Consultations are always free.



Call Our Truck Accident Attorneys Today

truck lawyer cranstonTruck wrecks can be one of the most dangerous types of accidents because of the large size of these types of vehicles.  These accidents happen frequently in the state of Rhode Island, often injuring and even killing people.  The cause of these accidents can be a result of reckless, negligence driving, or even drunk driving.

Bicycles, buses, motorcycles, and even boats can also cause serious damage to a person’s body, causing them debt that is very hard to keep up with. Remember, our office offers fair debt collection assistance as well, so if collectors are calling you, we make sure they are doing it according to the guidelines that the law has set for them.





We proudly assist clients that have been involved in a:

  • Car wreck
  • Truck wreck
  • Bicycle accident
  • Boat accident
  • Bus accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Workers compensation
  • Dog bite case
  • Medical malpractice case
  • Slip and fall or premises liability
  • and even fair debt collection.